our family

Prominent athletes such as: Giada Legati, Anna Polinari, Giacomo Farina and Pietro Bertagnoli have chosen Barrier .

All united in one big family to promote our mission:

"Uniting Sport and Sustainable Together"

Anna Polinari

forza dell'atletica leggera nata a Verona, ha lasciato il segno sulle piste di tutto il mondo grazie al suo impegno, raggiungendo il record di 52.33 nei 400 metri nel 2022. 

Una delle sue vittorie più eclatanti è avvenuta agli Europei indoor 2023, dove ha conquistato l'argento nella staffetta 4x400 con il record italiano.

Pietro Bertagnoli

Pietro Bertagnoli is a talented Italian BMX cyclist born in 1999, recognized for his leading performances internationally.

Among his most notable victories include the 2021 BMX Supercross World Cup Sakarya 3 and the BMX Supercross World Cup Sakarya of the same year.

giacomo farina

Giacomo Farina , the emerging star in cable wakeboarding.

At just 15 years old, he has already left an indelible mark on European-level competitions, demonstrating extraordinary mastery on the board.

Giada Legati

Giada Legati shines as the face of Italian women's surfing . With a contagious passion and innate talent, he has earned his place among the surfing world's elite.

His commitment has led to extraordinary results, including 4th place at European level as part of a team, and 11th place individually in Eurosurf.